Notice Inviting Quotation


Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute
(Registered Society & Trust)



Sealed bids (two part) are invited for supply of equipments for Petroleum Research Lab of GERMI...Tender No. GERMI/2017/PRW/011..... Last date for submission is 08.11.2017

Revised Tender document GERMI/PRWDIC/2017/010 for development of DIC at GERMI ground floor office.....Last date of submission: 19.08.2017

Sealed Bids are invited for selection of contractor for a Turnkey work of development of laboratory for Petroleum Research Wing of GERMI.....Last date of submission of bid is extended till 09.08.2017

Sealed bids are invited from Contractors for carrying out civil as well as some other miscellaneous work at GERMI Bhatt site land for development of Petroleum Research Lab work...Last date of submission of bids is 21.06.2017

Sealed bids are invited for selection of contractors for a Turnkey work of development of ground floor space allocated to DIC of GERMI including civil, electrical, networking, interiors and other miscellaneous work...Last date of submission of bids: 19.06.2017

Quotations are invited for supply of Miscellaneous Laboratory Items for GERMI's Petroleum Research Wing...Last date for submission is 27.02.2017

Sealed bids are invited for supply of IT consumables from suppliers for GERMI on rate contract basis....Last date of submission of bid: 05.01.2017

GERMI is acting as Advisor to Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) under Integrated Costal Zone Management Program (ICZMP) towards enhancement of livelihood opportunities through solar applications for 161 villages of Gujarat. As part of the project activity, GERMI has conducted survey of selected samples amongst Rajkot, Kuchchha and Jamnagar cluster of Gujarat. The villages were surveyed to identify areas where solar systems can help them rising their livelihood opportunities and provide with basic amenities like drinking water, electricity etc. Accordingly, total nine no. of different kinds of solar energy applications which primarily uses solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies have been identified. Detailed techno-commercial specifications and T&C are developed and tender document is prepared which is now available for purchase through proper channel. Interested bidders are requested to study the attached Invitation for Bid (IFB) which is published in local and national daily..

Request for Expression of Interest for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of 20,000 Solar LED Streetlights in various rural areas of Gujarat, India »