Notification & Instructions For Summer Internship-2015 At At Germi


Application Form

Application for Summer Internship in areas of Petroleum Research, Environment and Climate Change Research, Solar Energy Research and Geographic Information System, is invited from interested students pursuing B. Tech./M.Tech./M.Sc. in Geophysics/Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering for internship, expected to begin from 10/20 May, 2015, for a minimum period of 60 days to a maximum of 90 days.

Interested students may submit the application forwarded by their HoD’s in the prescribed format enclosed, latest by 16th March, 2015. Separate letters are also sent to Dept. of the reputed institutes / universities.  

About the Organization:

Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) is a registered Society and Trust promoted by the Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, the state Public Sector Undertaking.

Appreciating the field-specific manpower need of energy sector, GERMI undertook the stupendous task of establishing Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University at Gandhinagar by the Gujarat State Legislature Act. The University has six constituent Institutions offering world-class quality of education, training and opportunities focal research. These are School of Petroleum Technology, School of Petroleum Management, School of Technology, School of Liberal Studies, School of Solar Energy and School of Nuclear Energy.

While the University provides excellent opportunities and state-of-the art facilities for research in focal areas of its mandate, GERMI, true to its mission considered it necessary to have the Research Centre for creation of knowledge and application of knowledge as related to significant and wider welfare-relevant areas of all human endeavors to serve primarily the neighborhood, and also reach the unreached.

GERMI Research Innovation and Incubation Centre (GRIIC) envisage promoting pilot projects, patenting and incubation of ideas as well as innovations. It provides arena of work on the consideration of ability and commitment of an individual rather than her/his mere formal eligibility to undertake research in academic terms.

With its mandate for enhancing talent pool in energy sector, GERMI has organized several training programmes also from time to time for professionals in the energy sector.

Eligibility of Students:

  • Only B. Tech./M.Tech./M.Sc. (Tech) / M.Sc. students are eligible to apply for this internship program.
  • Pre-final or final year students will only be considered.
  • Students majoring in Geology / Petroleum exploration/ Geophysics / Civil / Electrical / Mechanical, with interest in Hydrocarbons (Oil & Gas), Solar Energy and Environment are eligible to apply.
  • Student should be available to spend atleast 60 days at GERMI. (No leave during the training will be entertained.)

Support Provided by GERMI:

  • Students will be provided a fellowship of Rs. 15,000/- per month payable after two months of the successful completion of the internship program.
  • Transportation expenses (To and Fro) by Train AC III tier/Bus fare for joining at GERMI office and return will be reimbursed to the student on actual basis after the successful completion of the internship program.
  • Additionally, students will be provided free student accommodation facility during the entire internship program.
  • Proper guidance and support from our scientists will be provided for the internship project.
  • They will be given internet connectivity to carry out their research work and students are expected to come with their own laptop computers.
  • Based on the work assigned, students may also be required to travel.
  • It is strongly advised to go through the GERMI website and examine the earlier student projects.

Note: Students will have to make arrangement for food and local transportation on their own.

Application and Selection Process:

  • Prior to submitting an application, the student should review the GERMI website, to know its background and to understand the areas of research of GERMI and the facilities available.
  • Students will have to fill a form enclosed with this notification and submit us through email only ( through proper channel.
  • Students will also have to submit their resume, which will help us to shortlist the final students.
  • The applications, the forms and the resumes received from the students shall be reviewed for completeness and eligibility and also the facilities.
  • A final list of shortlisted students for the internship program will be intimated to their respective institutes and also to the students by end-March-2015.

Last Date for submission of application:
16th March, 2015 is the deadline for receiving application form at GERMI through email. The application should be sent to:

Other Important Notes/Instructions:

  • Applications should be sent from the respective institution or by students duly signed by HoD’s.
  • All students are considered as guest researchers and are subject to GERMI’s regulations with regard to internship eligibility, facility access, professional conduct, and drug and alcohol use or possession.
  • The ability to work without supervision in a careful and conscientious manner is essential.
  • The selected students will have to give an undertaking to GERMI on IPR to the effect that he/she will have no right/claim on the report submitted by him/her to the GERMI after completion of the internship except submission to his/her university/institute and the GERMI shall be free to use the same in the manner considered appropriate by it.
  • The students should also give a declaration that he/she will maintain complete secrecy and shall not use for any other purpose any information of confidential nature that might come to his/her knowledge during the period of internship.
  • All the students need to submit a report to GERMI at the end of the internship program, on the research activities carried out at GERMI, duly signed by their project guide at GERMI.
  • Scanned copy of the filled in applications can be sent on

Contact Details

Phone.: 079-23275366 / 67
Address: 1st Floor, Energy Building,
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Campus,
Raisan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382007