Call for Sponsorship

India's first "Handbook for Best Practices in O&M for Rooftop Solar PV Systems in India" developed by GERMI

GERMI plans to launch a Handbook for Best Practices Operation & Maintenance Handbook of Rooftop Solar PV Systems in India. This handbook will serve as a guide for Govt. agencies, investors, banks, EPC and O&M companies and most importantly homeowners. Our intention is that the handbook leads to better O&M of rooftop solar PV systems in India, which in turn ensures that the quality and lifetime of systems installed all across India, improve. This handbook is likely to be supported by GEDA/Skill Council for Green Jobs/MNRE/EPD Government of Gujarat.

  • The handbook will be 150+ pages and will be designed in a graphical, picture oriented and attractive layout. Unlike most product or process manuals, the language will be non-technical and easy to read.
  • The handbookwill be available freely on the website of GERMI and other Govt. agencies.
  • Thehandbookwill be distributed for free in all trainings organized by GERMI, the Skill Council for Green Jobs and other partner training institutions.
  • A limited number of hard copies shall be printed and circulated to Govt. agencies, Regulators, DisCom and other relevant agencies.
  • The handbook will be launched in September 2017 and will continue to be available until an update or a revision is necessary.
  • The handbookwill also contain a directory of companies working in the O&M sector in India with the aim of providing them a platform to offer their services.

GERMI presents an exceptional opportunity to put your company’s brand in India’s first “Operation & Maintenance Handbook for Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems”. By becoming one of our exclusive sponsors, you will have the chance to reach this uniquely targeted audience and demonstrate your commitment towards this sector.