“Solar Pv Power Plant Operation & Maintenance” Workshop

Organized For
Resident Youths Of Village Charanka
Gujarat witnessed the dedication of 604 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants, out of which, 214 MW of power plants are located at “Gujarat Solar Park” at Charanka village of Patan district. These plants are in operation providing solar power to the State. While these plants require proper maintenance to keep them optimally functioning, it requires large number of trained man-power, to look after the plant operation and maintenance (O&M).

Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute has organized a three day training programme (9-11 April 2012) to train and develop the skills amongst the local youths of Charanka Village so that they could work in the solar park. The training enabled them to build their capacities to earn employment on one side, and on the other side, it helped the solar industry with trained local manpower required for plant O&M. There were 31 young enthusiast youths underwent O&M training.

The classroom sessions covered topics ranging from basic electrical concepts, solar PV technology and plant components, evacuation and metering, usage of important tools and safety at plant. Substantial practical experience was also provided on identification of errors, inspections and maintenance of solar PV power plant.

The trainees were given an opportunity to spend substantial time at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University’s (PDPU) 1 MW power plant at Gandhinagar to get them acquainted with a running power plant. This experience improved their understanding about plant construction, different PV modules and inverter technology, tracking and non-tracking mounting structures, cable connections and dressing, junction box and monitoring hardwares, different types of earthing and protection systems and even enriched their knowledge about O&M requirement of PV components.

The workshop concluded with certificate distribution ceremony, and participants shared their personal experiences about the workshop. They have expressed a wish that a technical institute be established in Charanka village so that local population can be benefitted.
The closing ceremony was witnessed by Dr. T. Harinarayana, Director, GERMI-Research, Innovation and Incubation Centre, Shri. Nayan Choksi, Company Secretary & Chief Project Officer (Solar Park), GPCL and Shri Amin M. Petiwala, Secretary, GERMI.

Participants Feedbacks:
“We have low education level; we used to see the power plants but could never understand what it is? Now we are going with renewed energy and inspiration. Our village youth should be benefitted and we take pride of being a part of this training”.
- Shri Gadhavi Prakashdan Pabhudan, (Trainee)

“I thank GERMI and GPCL and all the teachers who taught us. The training, food and stay were beyond our expectation. Our area is backward wherein people are less educated, hence a skill development centre (kaushalya kendra) at charanka would help the youths to learn and gain employment that would help our community grow”.
-Shri Jadeja Rajubha Ranaji, (Trainee)