List of Short listed Candidates

List of Short listed Candidates for the interview for various positions of Research Scientist at GERMI
Advertisement No.:

Sr. No. Application No. Name
1 GERMI/RS/12-13/003 Mr. Suthar Harishkumar Govindbhai
2 GERMI/RS/12-13/004 Mr. Brijesh Tripathy
3 GERMI/RS/12-13/005 Mr. Pathak Chintan Yashvantray
4 GERMI/RS/12-13/007 Mr. Himanshu Mittal
5 GERMI/RS/12-13/008 Mr. Arjun Kumar
6 GERMI/RS/12-13/009 Mr. Souvnik Roy
7 GERMI/RS/12-13/010 Mr. Prem Prakash Dookia
8 GERMI/RS/12-13/014 Dr. Subodh Kumar Chaturvedi
9 GERMI/RS/12-13/016 Ms. Priyanka Sen
10 GERMI/RS/12-13/017 Mr. Suman Paul
11 GERMI/RS/12-13/019 Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rsheed
12 GERMI/RS/12-13/020 Mr. Supin Gopi
13 GERMI/RS/12-13/021 Dr. Pravin H. Kanaiya
14 GERMI/RS/12-13/022 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
15 GERMI/RS/12-13/023 Dr. Aditya Mahabhai Vora
16 GERMI/RS/12-13/024 Mr. Vikash Ranjan
17 GERMI/RS/12-13/025 Mr. Som Vir Singh
18 GERMI/RS/12-13/026 Mr. Santosh Kumar Pandey
19 GERMI/RS/12-13/027 Dr. Shailendra Kumar Sharma
20 GERMI/RS/12-13/030 Ms. Jayshree D. Patel
21 GERMI/RS/12-13/031 Mr. Shaileshkumar Sanawada
22 GERMI/RS/12-13/032 Dr. A. Mahesh
23 GERMI/RS/12-13/035 Ms. Madhumita Nath
24 GERMI/RS/12-13/036 Mr. Hari Krishna Timmaji
25 GERMI/RS/12-13/037 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Behura
26 GERMI/RS/12-13/040 Ms. Pritha Chakravarti
27 GERMI/RS/12-13/041 Dr. Alok Kumar Mohapatra
28 GERMI/RS/12-13/042 Mr. Paritosh Dey
29 GERMI/RS/12-13/043 Dr. Tej Bahadur
30 GERMI/RS/12-13/045 Mr. Vinay Babu
31 GERMI/RS/12-13/046 Ms. Nisha Chandwani
32 GERMI/RS/12-13/047 Mr. Jariwala Chetan Harishchandra
33 GERMI/RS/12-13/050 Dr. Srinivas Karlapati
34 GERMI/RS/12-13/053 Dr. U. Kedareswarudu
35 GERMI/RS/12-13/054 Mr. Pradeep Kulshrestha
36 GERMI/RS/12-13/055 Dr. Sneha Joshi
37 GERMI/RS/12-13/056 Ms. Jyoti Shah
38 GERMI/RS/12-13/057 Mr. Jaffar Moideen
39 GERMI/RS/12-13/058 Mr. Santosh Dhubia
40 GERMI/RS/12-13/059 Mr. Gaurav Sheel
41 GERMI/RS/12-13/060 Mr. Dhananjaya Patra
42 GERMI/RS/12-13/061 Ms. Krishna Kumari Krishna

Please note: •  All the candidates are requested to reach the venue before specified time on 29th and 30th November, 2012 as    specified in the call letters.

•  The location for the interview is:
Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute
1st Floor, Energy Building,
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Campus,
Raisan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382007

•  All the candidates are requested to bring their original documents along with a Xerox copy for verification of   documents.

• Candidates are also requested to bring their latest updated CV.

• The candidates will be reimbursed their travel expenses as specified in their call letters.

• For any query or difficulty, kindly contact on 079 23275364.