Petroleum Research Wing


The mission of Petroleum Research Wing is to serve as a center of excellence in Research and Development of increasingly efficient and well adapted technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources and economic impacts of their production and use.
Petroleum Research Wing (PRW) has two major groups : Data Interpretation Center & Petroleum Research Lab


  • To provide expert integration and consulting ser-vices for the entire gamut of Exploration activities including Acquisition, Processing, Reprocessing, Basin Modeling, Structural/stratigraphic interpreta-tion, prospect generation, de-risking, geological and geochemical lab services, Well site Monitoring and core analysis
  • To reduce risk and uncertainties in Exploration by integrated exploration approach
  • To provide technical support/advisory/consultancy to clients involved in Exploration for Oil and Gas
  • To provide training to young Geoscientists in various aspects of Oil &Gas Exploration
  • To provide Internship program for students of Indian universities
  • To offer E-Learning courses in Petroleum Exploration.

Data Interpretation Center (DIC)

The center possesses top expertise and performs application oriented research in areas related to Geophysical ans Geological data interpretation. The center provides a unique environment that incubates multidisciplinary collaborations among GERMI scientists for developing and exploring new technologies for understanding of hydrocarbon plays.

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Petroleum Research Lab (PRL)

The basic objective of the Petroleum Research Laboratoty is to serve as a centre for excellence in research and development of increasingly efficient and well adopted technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources. The R & D involves the evaluation of geological, geochemical and petrophysical parameters of source and reservoir rocks.

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News and Events

GERMI Organizes a six day comprehensive course on Seismic Data Interpretation - Basics to Advanced

The course would help young Geoscientists to understand the elementary principles of Geology and Geophysics and to identify and meaningfully apply the concepts of depositional environments, stratigraphic systems, tectonic styles on seismic data and build Tectono -Stratigraphic framework throughout the history of evolution of geological basins. The course would help in building an understanding and modeling of a basin, then create a drive to test new concepts hitherto untried in generating prospects for exploration and production. The overall focus would be that the participant is able to understand the importance of difference between interpretation and evaluation of seismic data, which in turn would help them evaluate data and enable the management significantly in making crucial decisions.

Instructors : SHRI N. C. NANDA, MR. S. B. RAO NAIK
Technical Course Coordinator : Shri P. H. Rao

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GERMI's Petroleum Research Wing Sets up a stall at 11th Biennial International Conference and Exposition 2015, Society of Petroleum Geophysicists

The petroleum Research Wing, GERMI has set up a stall at 11th Biennial International Conference and Exposition 2015, Society of Petroleum Geophysicists being held at Jaipur. At the conference, a team of distinguished professionals from GERMI led by Shri P. H. Rao will showcase the R&D activities being carried out at the Data Interpretation Center and Petroleum Research Lab. You are cordially invited to visit our stall # 41 at the conference on 4 - 6th December, 2015.

Coordinator : Shri P. H. Rao
Team Members : Mr. Santosh Dhubia, Dr. P.L.S. Rao, Mr. K. Ramchandran, Dr. Abdul Rasheed
Logistic Support : Mr. Dharmik, Mr. Prashant

Recent Projects