GERMI Welcomes Dr. Baleshwar Kumar

baleshewarDr. Baleshwar Kumar, B.E., Ph.D.
Emeritus Scientist (Hydrocarbon Research & Exploration)
Petroleum Research Wing, GERMI-RIIC
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Dr. Baleshwar  Kumar obtained his B.E. degree in  Instrumentation from University of  Pune in 1969 and  Ph.D. in  Physics/ Geochemistry from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1986. He has over 40 years of Research and Development Experience at  National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), Hyderabad  in  Unconventional Fossil Fuel Research & Development; Climate Change & Carbon Management; Energy Security and Sustainability; Geochemical  Prospecting of Hydrocarbons; and Isotope Geology/ Geochemistry and its applications to Geohydrology, Geothermal Research, Hydrocarbon Exploration, Early Evolution of Life, Carbon Budget Changes, Event Stratigraphy and Palaeo-environmental Studies etc.

Dr. Kumar has established National Facility for Surface Geochemical and Microibial Prospecting of Hydrocarbons at NGRI with a grant of ~ Rs. 70 Million from OIDB, comprising of Isotope Mass Spectrometery, Gas Chromatographs, GC-MS and Total Organic Analyzer etc. He led integrated geochemical surveys in frontier onland and offshore basins and NELP blocks of India covering an area of 0.6x106 Sq. Km. He has also coordinated project on Geological CO2 Sequestration in basalt formations of Western India.

Dr. Kumar is fellow/ member of several National/International Associations including American Association of Petroleum Geologist. He is an International expert on Unconventional Shale Oil & Gas Research & Development and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and has drafted a concept paper on CCS for UNEP. He has also coordinated the technical organization of International Conference on ‘Unconventional Sources of Fossil Fuel and Carbon Management’ held at GERMI during Feb. 2011.