International Collaboration

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA


Areas of Collaborations:

  • To enhance the international experience of faculty and students in the areas of
    • Research
    • Joint Programs and Collaboration
    • Exchange of Faculty and Students


University of Tulsa, USA

Areas of Collaborations:

  • Consultation on curriculum and course content;
  • Opportunities for joint research;
  • Exchange of undergraduate students;
  • Faculty participation in seminars and academic meetings;
  • Exchange of publications, academic materials and other
    information; and
  • Joint quality assurance and benchmarking


Areas of Collaborations:

  • Collaboration of faculty and staff for research, lectures, discussions and other academic pursuits.
  • Reciprocal exchange of graduate and undergraduate students for study and research.  Students from each university will pay tuition and fees at the home institution in order to take courses and/or conduct research work while in residence for one semester or for an academic year, at the host institution.
  • Exchange of published information
  • Joint Research Center for Shale Gas


University of Houston, USA


Areas of Collaborations:

  • To contribute further to the regional understanding between both countries (the United States of America and the Republic of India), both cities (Houston and Gandhinager), and both universities (UHS and PDPU) through mutual cooperation programs.
  • To further collaboration between UHS and PDPU through academic programs in instruction, research and faculty development among the faculty and students of both institutions.
  • To enhance the international experience of faculty and students in the areas of
    • Research
    • Joint Programs and Collaboration
    • Exchange of Faculty and Student

Texas A & M, USA:

  Faculty Development program,
which will include:
Areas of Collaborations:
  • Exchange of Faculty for teaching and/or for collaborative research in area of nuclear energy and security.
  • PDPU will provide local hospitality of the postdoctoral associate or senior PhD students of TAMU, who will visit PDPU for a course of lecture on nuclear security.
  • PDPU will send a faculty to visit TAMU during summer for the purpose of engaging in collaborative research.
Student Development program, which will include:
  • Each institution will promote the enrollment of qualified undergraduate and/or graduate.
  • Both institutes will work out joint degree program.
  • 2-3 weeks exposure program for M.Tech, Nuclear Energy, PDPU cohorts in the M. Tech. Nuclear Energy program to spend two-three week summer laboratory experiences at TAMU and cooperating laboratories of the US Department of Energy.

  American Jewish Committee
Areas of Collaborations:
  • Provide a robust platform for extensive sharing and dissemination of knowledge across all stakeholders of education in general and higher education particularly focusing on International Affairs Studies.
  • To facilitate interface among research scholars and faculties in PDPU and in Gujarat State with visiting international affairs scholars of AJC by arranging for experts from AJC to speak to faculty and students at PDPU  in the area of international relations including relations among India, Israel and the U.S.A.
  • To host similar briefings by AJC in the U.S.A. for visiting students, faculty and scholars of PDPU.

  University of Sasksatchewan, Canada
Areas of Collaborations:
  • To exchange information on research and educational programmes,
  • To exchange information on teaching, learning material and other literature relevant to their educational and research programmes,
  • To jointly organize short-term continuing education programmes on topics of mutual interest and to invite each other's faculty to participate therein,
  • To jointly organize seminars, conferences, or workshops on topics of mutual interest and to invite each other’s faculty to participate therein,
  • To jointly propose and engage in research or training programmes sponsored by funding agencies, and to invite each other's faculty to participate therein,
  • To exchange, on a reciprocal basis, faculty and students for limited periods of time for purpose of education and /or research.

  University of Regina, Canada
Areas of Collaborations:
  • Joint educational and research activities;
  • Exchange of academic materials and academic publications;
  • Exchange of faculty members for research, lectures, and discussions;
  • Exchange of students for study and research.

  University of Western Ontario, Canada
Areas of Collaborations:
  • The exchange of faculty for joint teaching and research programs,
  • Encouraging the enrollment of qualified students in the other’s academic programs,
  • Avenues for strengthening their relationship and furthering excellence in Canada and Indian education


PDPU signed MOU’s with following international universities