Renewable Research Wing

Research Wings

As a part of this umbrella institute, GERMI has now established a Research and Innovation Centre, with three major research wings and various other research cells:

Renewable Research Wing

This research wing is positioned to reach national energy goals by developing new ways to power our homes and businesses and to fuel our vehicles. It would allow us to develop and advance renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies more effectively.

A Solar Energy Research Lab has been established as the first initiative of this wing.

Solar Energy Research Laboratory
The Solar Energy Research Cell of the institute is the first of the Renewable Energy Research Wing departments to become operational.

Research Objectives and Targets:

As befits a research institute of this stature, the institute’s Solar Energy research objectives are clear – the centre seeks to position itself on the forefront of the country’s R&D horizons by enabling discrete and interdisciplinary technologies and providing cutting-edge training and education so as to:

  • Accelerate the deployment of solar and related energies for sustainable growth
  • Foster a clean environment to enhance human standards of living
  • Develop a skilled workforce and empower a young generation of leaders

The institute’s targets can be outlined as follows:

  • To contribute world-class research to fundamental and applied questions pertaining to Solar Energy
  • To enable the commercialisation of aforesaid developed technologies by building strong industrial-institutional relationships
  • To contribute to India’s skilled work-force in this field by training a new generation of scholars and allowing them to pursue higher educational degrees (B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.)
  • To provide benchmark consultation, administrative advisories, and construct community/social outreach programmes

The institute’s targets can be outlined as follows:

  • Direct Application Approaches’, which have a direct implication for industry. Such research is capital intensive, and topics include Silicon Photovoltaics, Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems and so on
  • Low-Cost Approaches’, which result, consequently, in low-cost products. Topics in this field include CIGS/CIS Solar Cells, Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells etcetera
  • Fundamental Approaches’, which cover theory and modeling-related propositions, stretching basic understanding and challenging existing barriers in the field of Solar Energy research. Topics in this area include PC1D Enhancement and Modeling, Quantum/Nano Devices and so on