Petroleum Research Wing

Research Wings

As a part of this umbrella institute, GERMI has now established a Research and Innovation Centre, with three major research wings and various other research cells:

Petroleum Research Wing

The Petroleum Research Laboratory has the basic objective to serve as a Centre of Excellence in research on development of increasingly efficient and well adapted technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources.

The research programme includes basic studies of oil and gas displacement and production, reservoir rock and fluid properties, drilling technology, methodologies to improve oil recovery, gas production from gas hydrates, establish database and models for future reservoir management and to maximize hydrocarbon recovery in addition to theapplication of CO2 sequestration technologies.

The research programme accordingly addresses the challenge of meeting the growing demand for affordable oil and gas by conducting basic and applied research on hydrocarbon energy resources and economic impacts of their production and use. The focus is on on-shore and off-shore resources and the lithological controls of resource abundance, quality and location.

The results so generated will directly support the GRIIC’s mission of protecting and responsibly managing country’s hydrocarbon resource by advancing the scientific understanding to plan for a balanced and secured energy future.

Important Focal Areas

  • Document the basin stratigraphy and geological structures
  • Recognition of hydrocarbon bearing formation
  • Assessment of hydrocarbon potential
  • Reservoir rock properties
  • Formation evaluation and performance prediction
  • Recent production trends and future production levels
  • Improved / enhanced oil recovery
  • Mitigation and adaptation of environmental impacts during well development
  • Comprehensive assessment of available data and deduce the future analysis

Infrastructure Layout
The mission will be achieved through integrated and multidisciplinary efforts by harnessing a strong foundation in academics and research. GRIIC inducts and evolves new tools of technology in following laboratories.

  • Data Interpretation Centre
  • Conventional Core Analysis Laboratory
  • Special Core Analysis Laboratory
  • Formation Fluid Properties Laboratory
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory
  • Artificial Lift Techniques Laboratory
  • Cementing and Drilling Fluid Properties Laboratory
  • Geochemistry Laboratory
  • Petrology Laboratory
  • Rock Mechanics Laboratory
  • Drilling Simulation Laboratory