Environment & Energy Efficiency Research Wing

Environment & Energy Efficiency Research Wing

This Research wing of GERMI will research on issues of National and International importance related to the science, technology and management of issues related to Environmental pollution and Energy efficiency, Renewable Energy and Optimization of conversions of Waste to Energy.

This Research Wing will primarily focus on Research & Services to help solve practical problems faced by industries & enable the integration of innovative need-based technologies and other holistic interventions.

The nature of this wing's research will be in response to emerging environmental challenges faced by Gujarat and the country at large, aligned with India’s priorities, commitments and stand with respect to multilateral environmental agreements.

Objectives & Targets:

  • The basic objective is to serve as a Center of Excellence in research and development of Environmental Technologies.
  • To offer short & long term academic programs to develop skilled work force.
  • To provide expert consultancy services related to Environmental Pollution control.
  • The Research Wing aims to generate insights that lead to integrated benefits for multiple stakeholder groups, including industry, policy and decision makers in the government, bi-and-multilateral institutions and communities.
  • The Research Wing recognizes the fact that environmental impacts are cross-cutting and can emerge from the extraction of energy from various sources, and use in industrial, domestic and other applications.
  • The research wing will focus on dissemination of information on Energy Efficiency practices, devices and technologies as it believes that “Energy saved is energy produced”.

Areas of Research & Services:

  • Fundamental and applied research related to Environmental Technologies for Water & Waste Water Treatment, Air pollution, Municipal & Hazardous Solid Waste Management and Reuse - Recycling of Water.
  • Conversion of Waste to Energy.
  • Monitoring, Control and Mapping of Gaseous Emissions - Ambient and Source.
  • Contaminated  site remediation and  preventive practices for petroleum sectors
  • Mitigation and Adaptation measures in areas impacted due to Climate Change related to Petroleum Sectors.
  • Environmental software services.
  •  Scientific and technological aspects of Energy Efficiency in Homes, Buildings and Manufacturing including Energy Audit and Carbon Credits.
  • A resource center providing comprehensive information to Industries on Energy efficient practices, devices and techniques.
  •  To conceptualize the policy interventions for effective Environmental Management at State & Central government level.
  •  Conducting short & middle term online/training programs leading to Certificate or Diploma.