GERMI has organized fourth Gas Pipeline Course

GERMI regularly organizes training programmes in Solar and Oil and Gas pipeline sector. As a part of this activity, a three day course was conducted on Integrity, Management and Maintenance of Gas pipelines from 22-24 March, 2012. It was technically coordinated by Shri. N. Bosebabu, Head, - Technical Services and Operations & Maintenance for Gujarat State Petronet Limited.  An ace professional and a  global trainer for ASME codes dealing with Gas transmission, distribution piping systems,  Integrity, Management and Maintenance of Gas pipelines. The course also had Mr. Ashish Khera, a petroleum engineer with experience of being a team leader for designing software database and models for the pipeline integrity programs as per the US-DOT regulations, ASME, NACE code standards.

Opening Ceremony of the Gas Pipeline course. Shri. N. Bose Babu, General Manager (Technical Services and O&M) giving an overview to the three day ASME course. Other esteemed members on the dais are Dr. Harinarayana, Director, GERMI- Research, Innovation

The program started with a short formal opening ceremony where in Sri Bose Babu, the course instructor, ASME country Representative Mr. Madhukar Sharma, Dr. T. Harinarayana- Director GERMI-RIIC and Shri Amin Petiwala- Secretary GERMI are present.  Dr.  Harinarayana focused on the positivity and progressiveness of the State of Gujarat which is not only ahead on the Oil and Gas front but also doing commendable job in the areas of the non renewable sector. Mr. Madhukar Sharma briefed about ASME as a platform for experience exchange of technical professionals. Mr. Amin Petiwala introduced the GERMI activities. Then the forum was handed over to Shri. N. Bose Babu and Mr. Ashish Khera who provided an overview of the three day course.

A total of 21 professionals with a minimum 3 to 5 years of gas pipelines experience from 10 organizations benefitted from the course.  They are the organizations like Gujarat State Petronet Limited, Sabarmati Gas, Gujarat Gas Company Ltd., Larsen &Toubro Ltd., and TDW India Ltd.  . As a group of experienced professionals who participated, the course provided a rich platform for exchange of knowledge, experience and learning. The course covered Development and Implementation of an Integrity Management Program (IMP) of the Natural Gas Pipelines as per ASME standards and also the most recent industry best IMP practices. The course focused on the importance of gathering, reviewing and integrating data, Risk assessments, integrity assessments and its methods, threats, Testing and inspections, prevention and repairs methods, Quality control, IMP Plan and performance evaluation of Natural gas pipelines etc.

The course covered 2.5 days of class room learning and half a day of field visit to Pig Launching and Receiving station, metering and dispatch station of GSPL at Kalol.  The technical requirements of PNGRB regulation are discussed with the participants during the site visit.  The second site visit was made to the Sectionalizing Value (SV) station of GSPL at Mandali, located at Mehasana Highway. The SV stations are installed for operations & maintenance and emergency purpose.  

Very good feedbacks were received from the participants on all the parameters of the course like methodology, content, content delivery, and registration processes. Thus GERMI concludes another course that provided great training and learning experience to its participants.


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