Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant Workshop 21-23 February

GERMI organized a 3 day course along with National Center for Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE), IIT Mumbai.  In this workshop GERMI gave special consideration to academic/research as well as the students along with the Industry.  A total of 50 participants participated in the course. Majority of the participants belonging to the States outside Gujarat and we also had two participants who travelled from outside the country for this program.

This is a comprehensive course in Solar Photovoltaic Design and Installation oriented towards making logical decisions for implementing solar photovoltaic power projects. The course helped the participants to assess the site potential and suitability for establishing power plant, select various PV modules, inverter and other technologies. The course also includes the details of installation of a solar power plant, theoretically deduce the plant performance and check  it's output, and ensure  the best practices in terms of safety and quality.

Learning in progress

The best feature of the training that impressed all the participants is the balance between theory and practical classes. The participants were exposed to two solar sites a) 1 MW GPCL Site located at PDPU-GERMI  b) I MW GSECL site having multi technology Solar PV power plant established on ash dyke at Gandhinagar. The participants felt that it is a rare experience to witness 6 different PV technologies at one place.  

The course was delivered by 12 ace, experienced and senior professionals from Industry, IIT-Bombay and GERMI. The workshop participants are multi-faced like PV Power plant designers, Integrators, EPC staff, Enterpriners, Installers, Testers and O& M staff.

Group photograph