GERMI Distinguished Lecture Series: 2013


Sl. No. Date Speaker Topic Detail
  1 January 2, 2013 Dr. Manika Prasad
(Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines, USA)
Shales and Imposters: Understanding Shales, Organics and Self-Resourcing Rocks Click here
2 May 13-16, 2013 Dr. S. K. Biswas
(Ex-Director, KDMIPE, India)

Talk-1: May 14, 2013: Geo-Tourism with an Aim to Preserve the Geological Heritage

Talk-2: Geology and Tectonics and Oil Potential with Special Reference to Tarapur

Click here

GERMI has initiated Distinguished Lecture Series from the academic year-2013. As a part of this, the first lecture has been delivered by Dr. Manika Prasad, Associate Professor, Petroleum Engineering Department of Colorado School of Mines, USA. In her talk, she discussed various aspects of rock physics of shale gas and also shared few rock samples brought from USA. She also talked on kerogen, organic maturity/ porosity, brittleness and effective stress. The details of her talk can be found from the above attached presentation.

Dr. Manika Prasad (left) giving her lecture at GERMI Research Centre.