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ONGC and GERMI launches indigenously developed software for oil exploration
Gandhinagar, 5th October 2017

The Data Interpretation Centre (DIC) of Gujarat Energy Research Management Institute (GERMI) released its 2nd indigenously developed software in collaboration with ONGC called 2D-RTM (2D Reverse Time Migration) using a combination of central processing units (CPU) and graphics processing units (GPU) specifically used for seismic data imaging. The results are very encouraging and the software provides speeds up to 35 times using GPUs as compared to serial code on CPUs.

The software was jointly launched by Mr.AshutoshBharadwaj, Executive Director – Head of Institute, GEOPIC, ONGC, and Mr. D. Rajagopalan (IAS Retd. and Ex. Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Gujarat), Vice Chairman & Managing Trustee- GERMI, in the august presence of esteemed dignitaries including Mr.Roopwant Singh, Commissioner of Geology and Mining, Govt. of Gujarat;Dr. T.K. Reddy, Director General, PDPU; Dr. C. Gopalkrishnan, Director General, GERMI; Mr T.R. Murali Mohan, GGM, GEOPIC, ONGC; Mr. P.K. Choudhari, Head-R&D, GEOPIC, ONGC, Dr. J.V.S.S.N. Murthy, Domain Expert, GERMI and Mr. P.H.Rao, Principal Research Scientist-DIC, GERMI.

Mr. Ashutosh Bharadwajin formed that ONGC is looking forward for technologies like 3D-RTM and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) for exploration in offshore and deep waters. He appreciated the efforts put in by GERMI in developing such software in a very limited time. Also he had stressed the need for industry in association with researchinstitutes to develop customised solutions.

Mr. D. Rajagopalan, in his address reminded the audience the complexity of geological set ups for exploration and development of offshore fields. Technology has to be developed to reduce the uncertainty to achieve cost effective exploration. He advised GERMI to continue their efforts to introduce new techniques to improve the success ratio of exploration efforts. He also advised to extend their studies for coal and mineral exploration. While appreciating the efforts of GERMI, he advised not to be complacent with success and strive hard to achieve more laurels.

The success of this project rose the confidence level of GERMI team and laid a road map for developing such softwares for geological & geophysical (G&G) data analysis for exploration and development of oil and gas. This will help in finding substitutes to the imported softwares and will help in saving huge foreign exchange in the years to come. Motivated by the Make in India Campaign by our Honourable Prime Minister, GERMI scientists made an attempt for developing this software and resolved to develop such softwares for the industry, in the years to come. read more..